Project Description


Amy Moser

The Talk

My research as a Utah State graduate student stems from an experience-fostered passion for geology. From fossilized sand dunes to tectonic plate boundaries, the rocks and other geologic phenomena I witness and research are so incredibly exciting to me. My graduate research on the San Andreas Fault has allowed me to turn my passion into profession, not only getting to do what I love every single day but also having opportunities to share my work with others. This is the story of how I became so excited about rocks, and why I am so passionate about helping others understand just how cool rocks are.

About Amy

Amy’s research focuses on the development of faults in the San Andreas Fault Zone, southern California. She earned a B.A. in Geosciences from Franklin and Marshall College in 2014. Eager to continue doing geology, she charged immediately into graduate school with an expected completion date of her Master’s degree in Geology under Jim Evans in the Spring of 2016.

Her field experience has taken her to Montana and Wyoming, southern California and even New Zealand. While not geeking out on rocks, she enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, visiting national parks, snowshoeing and sharing the amazing places she’s lucky enough to visit on Instagram (follow her adventures @amy_allosaurus).